Saturday, June 7, 2014

Special Edition: NYC

Well,  . . . it's about time. About time we got back to what it's all about. I love all the comic-based films, and televisions show (some of them) and everything else everyone has been frothing at the mouth about over the last few years, but I think more focus should be paid to it's source material. Special Edition NYC, coming up on June 14-15 will be a  comic convention which highlights the actual printed words and art: the truest visions created for the artistic medium I've loved for many (many) years.
     My partner, Carl (Cee-Kay) Kent and I will be there at Booth #M7, along with family and friends. There will be new art books, comics, art prints and even original art for sale, so swing by and say hello (and spend some dough too, if you can).